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Corporate and Commercial

BD Law provides legal advice to national and international companies and organizations operating or doing business in Norway.
Our lawyers have extensive experience and deep knowledge within the wide area of Norwegian corporate and comercial law. You will also find that we have a solid understanding of finance and audit, and deep practical industry knowledge covering a broad range of business sectors, as we aim to include legal and commercial aspects of the business in our advice, to ensure the economiccally best result for our clients.
Our legal service within corporate and commercial law encompasses i.a.:
  • Choice of company and organization structure
  • Establishment of new companies and businesses
  • Shareholder agreements and preemtive rights
  • Mergers, de-mergers and restructuring
  • Intercompany transactions
  • Increase, reduction and management of share capital
  • Subordinated loans and equity instruments
  • Corporate governance and compliance with Norwegian regulatory requirements
  • Director’s liability and Investigations
  • Acquisition and sale of companies and businesses
  • Liquidation and exit
  • Providing commercial legal advice to businesses
  • Drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, including risk allocation, delivery advice and post-contract performance management
  • Assisting in managing and preventing commercial disputes
  • Conflict resolution and litigation



Oslo (Main Office)
Visiting address: Dronning Mauds gate 10 (entr. Ruseløkkvn.)
Postal address: P.O. Box 1369 Vika, NO-0114 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: +47 23 23 90 90
Telefax: +47 22 83 60 60
Visiting address: Rådmann Halmrasts vei 7
Postal address: P.O. Box 216, NO-1300 Sandvika, Norway
Telephone: +47 67 21 69 00
Telefax: +47 67 80 90 61
Visiting address: Jernbaneveien 4
Postal address: P.O. Box 76, NO-1401 Ski, Norway
Telephone: +47 64 91 41 41
Telefax: +47 64 91 41 42
Registered Company No:
980 515 877 (BD Advokafirma DA)
980 691 519 (BD Eiendom AS)
975 801 179 (BD VAT and Tax Services AS)
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